What is pobbd?

pobbd originated in 2017 from the passion for developing and implementing ideas.

There has been little activity here recently, and I aim to change that.

What pobbd is not!

  1. pobbd is not a venture-backed startup and is not seeking investors.
  2. As I already offer consultations as a freelancer, pobbd is not an agency.
  3. pobbd is not confined to a specific problem, segment, or technology.

So, what is pobbd then?

A product forge.

pobbd tinkers with things that someone potentially benefits from and is willing to pay for.

How does it work?

The idea: Posts appear at irregular intervals addressing a specific problem.

For example: laborious tasks in the daily business of recruiters.

We present solutions in the same post.

For example: Automation of laborious tasks in the daily business of recruiters.

And we will implement those solutions, if there is sufficient interest on these posts.

I hope for direct interaction with people facing specific workplace problems and wanting to make a change.

Ideally, a community will emerge, supporting each other in solving problems.

So, if you come across an idea and desire the solution, let me know (via email, comment, phone, LinkedIn, GitHub Stars, postcard, or carrier pigeon).